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I need an app for my

Custom iOS and Android Apps

Clean, intuitive design and function on just about any mobile device.

Professional Grade Websites

Dashboards, registration systems, user tracking, data entry and more.

iOS and Android Apps made easy

For many of our clients this is their company's first mobile app. We make the process simple and affordable so it's a low-risk, high-reward venture. From concept and design to testing and launching we'll provide the expertise and experience to make your app a success.

Customized for your business

Wondering if your company needs a mobile app? Give us a call. We provide free, honest, frank advice on whether a mobile app will help your company succeed. Sometimes we recommend starting with changes to the company website or data handling. In all cases, we will do everything we can do help you reach your goals, even if that means less initial business for us.

Full-Feature Apps and Websites

From GPS to data entry, and from sales force dashboards to user interaction we've created a wide range of mobile and web applications. You can find some examples of applications we've built below. If you're wondering "Can this be done?" we are the team to ask.

Proudly Built in the USA

You don't need to hire someone in India to get an app built for your business at a good price. We frequently create iOS and Android apps at or below quoted prices from offshore studios. More importantly, our team is just a phone call away with over 30 years of experience helping US and Canadian companies succeed.

Data Labs


What we do best

We have decades of experience on our team with a wide variety applications built. We've built apps for Fortune 500 companies with complex infrastructures and also for tiny startups with little more than an idea. There are few projects we can't handle thanks to our diverse team skill set but here are a few of the areas where we really shine.

Mobile UI/UX

Whether we're designing on our own or working with in-house design teams we make sure the apps we build feel right.

Cross-Platform Uniformity

Our apps work uniformly on iOS and Android phones and tablets and we test them on multiple devices before launching.

Data Handling

Our apps and websites are designed to make your data useful and beautiful; from collection to storage to retrieval to display.

Scalable Solutions

We always build with scalability in mind so you can start small without sacrificing future efficiency.

How We Work

The App Building Process

For many of our clients this is the first mobile app for their company. We strive to keep the process simple and affordable. Below is an example of the typical steps involved in creating a great mobile app. On average an iOS and Android app will take 45-60 days to design, build, test and launch.

Design the mobile app

Identify Needs and Opportunities

We'll carefully go through all aspects of what you want to accomplish with your mobile app. Often we are able to use our experience building apps to help refine and improve initial app concepts to make them more effective and affordable.


Create the Quote

Whether the project will be billed as flat-rate or hourly we'll always create a detailed quote describing all the major features and summarizing cost and time required. The quote makes sure everyone is on the same page with regards to project scope and timetable.


Legal Agreement

We hate legalese as much as anyone so we've prepared a simple, straightforward agreement that protects both us and you. The agreement assures that everything we build for you is legally yours and is flexible enough to allow you to request feature changes during the process.

Image description


We'll create an online, interactive wireframe (demo) so that you can see the various design elements on your computer and even on a mobile device. You'll be able to make comments and request changes.


Writing the Code

Once the design is finalized we'll begin writing the code to make your app a reality. We'll stay in frequent contact as it is often during this process we come up with minor tweaks to make your app even better.


Connecting the Data

Once we have the basic app framework built we'll connect it to either a testing or live data source. Data can be stored in a variety of formats and be hosted on your servers or on ours.

Image description

Testing the App

Where necessary we'll use TestFlight and other testing tools to allow you to test your completed app before it is submitted to the app store. You can have a team of testers on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Submitting for Review

As part of the process you'll create your own Apple and/or Google Developer account. We'll use those accounts to submit your app for review and publishing to the App Store and Play Store. It typically takes 24-48 hours for an app to be approved.


Updating the App

Rarely do we suggest putting every single feature into the initial build. It's usually more efficient and far less expensive to start with core features and expand the app once you have a solid foundation. We'll work with you in a similar process to add any future updates.

Our Work

Apps We've Built

We've built mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies and tiny startups and love the challenge associated with both types of projects. Each app we build is customized for the particular needs of our client.

Wildman 1

Wildman Uniform

Wildman wanted to create a mobile app which would provide a variety of services for users and managers.

Wildman 2

Quick Garment Lookup

Managers use the camera to quickly scan a garment barcode and get route and user info

Image Description

Request a Repair

Users can easily request a garment repair, view next delivery info, and get notifications when garments are repaired.

RVi 1


RVi created an all-in-one system for RV enthusiasts and asked us to create the dedicated android tablet app.

RVi 2

Wireless Device Connection

The tablet connects wirelessly to brake and tire pressure sensors then displays that information.

RVi 3

Modular App Design

RVi is constantly adding new features and products so we built the app to allow for an unlimited number of possible features.